Native Bush Food ingredients


We sell fresh, dried and ground lemon myrtle which can be used to make a refreshing cold or hot tea, cordial base or our famous lemon myrtle cheese cake (see recipe below).  We are long term members of the Queensland Bush Food Association and are constantly experimenting with growing new bush foods.  Currently under development are cinnamon and aniseed myrtle.

Anne’s Famous Lemon Myrtle Cheesecake


Base:     12 biscuits, either Arnotts’ Nice or Milk Coffee

                1 cup crushed macadamias

                125g butter-melted

Filling:   125g margarine or butter

                2 tsp ground lemon myrtle

                3 tsp gelatine

                250g cream cheese

                2 tsp vanilla essence

                ¾ cup castor sugar


Base:     Crush biscuits into small crumbs.

                Add crushed macadamia nuts.

                Mix in butter.  Press the mixture into a pie plate or flan tray.

                Refrigerate until required.

Filling:   Cream butter and sugar.  Add cream cheese and vanilla.

Beat mixture until creamy.  Add lemon myrtle.  Dissolve gelatine in 70 mls of hot water, cool and gradually add to mixture.  Beat until fluffy.  Pour mixture on top of biscuit base and spread evenly.  Refrigerate.