Holmwood skin care range


Our luscious range of skin care products are hand made on the farm using high quality Australian ingredients.  They are particularly suited to sensitive skin and none contain sulphides or harmful chemicals.

Our product range includes creamy cleanser, toner, moisturiser, hand and body lotion, massage oil, lip balm and liquid soaps.  We also stock pure Australian lavender and lemon myrtle essential oil.

One of our customers who visited the farm from Holland wrote:
“Last April  when I was on holiday in Brisbane (Australia) having suffered from eczema and a unbearable itch on my hands for the last 6 months, my brother took me to a lavender farm outside Laidley.  l bought some hand & body lotion, thinking it probably won’t work after trying 100’s of creams, even creams from a dermatologist.  The first few times l used it my hands felt smoother and after using the cream for a few weeks l noticed, to my surprise, that they were healing.  Unfortunately l only bought one bottle  back with me to Europe and after emptying it my hands started to itch and split open again.  l asked my brother to send up more and thankfully he did , my hands are healing thanks to Holmwood hand and body cream.  It’s a miracle cream!”